New Haircut UPDATE

I’ve missed a few iterations of this haircut, but here it is in May, 2013:



I like this. It is inspired by Yolandi Visser, from Die Antwoord.

A picture of my new haircut.

This is a picture of Tara from Lakshmi Hair Studio the woman who cut it, and I like her hair better. But then again, I need to stay employed. Tara from Lakshmi Hair StudioAnd this is the inspiration, Yolandi Visser, an artist from South Africa, currently the frontwoman for Die Antwoord. Maybe slowly, ever so slowly, I’ll get my hair to this point, blond and all. We’ll see.

Yolandi Visser, Die Antwoord

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2 Responses to New Haircut UPDATE

  1. Nancy says:

    yes, walking around blond and naked at work may be a bit of a stretch.

  2. Melanie says:

    I think you could totally pull it off with your natural hair colour 🙂

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