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Back to Being Grown Up

Pretzel dogs aside, it’s Saturday night. I just spent two hours choosing asset allocations and contributions to my 401K. I feel totally growed-up. I’m starting to feel that being grown up has something to do with my future self thanking … Continue reading

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I’m not Grown Up

Here is how I know: every time I see a sign for pretzel dogs, it makes me giggle.

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Who likes these things?

Nobody. If you see me eating circus peanuts, you know I’m desperate for sugar and the candy jar at work is on its last legs.

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Zumba and Other Small Humiliations

In an effort to get into the second best shape of my life I joined a gym. It was all because Nick and I were headed home for a series of weddings, one family the other friends, and I desperately … Continue reading

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Fun with Cabbage

Yet another attempt to use up veggies. I think we may be eating before cabbage soup for MONTHS. I think there is a gallon and a half of soup in there! Ingredients: cabbage, onion, carrot, celery, tomato, garlic, zucchini, cannellini … Continue reading

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