“One way my mom is awesome,” or “how you know we’re related”

My mom came to visit me last weekend. Because we wouldn’t see each other this Mother’s Day, we did some “just-us” stuff, and those things reminded me of why my mom is awesome.

On Friday we had an errand to do in New York, about a 2-hour bus ride away. Conveniently, my mom’s errand was on Fifth Avenue, oh-la-la. While wandering around to kill some time, magically we got sucked into H & M. You have to understand that the Fifth Ave H & M is basically a night club with some clothes on racks in the middle. My mom was like, “we have to check it out,” which I could barely hear over the throbbing bass beat coming from the front door. And like that she was in the store. Unlike when I was 14, we came to consensus about everything. Including the sunglasses below.

My mom trying on sunglasses at H & M

Pretty awesome, right? It got better. We wandered into Zara where my mom tried on some shoes that were after my own heart. They would have been a mother’s day prezzie except they pinched the side of her foot.

My mom trying on shoes at Zara



Keep it up, mom. Stay stylish. Your shoes are pretty hard to fill, and not because they have a 2 inch platform and 6 inch heels. Happy Mother’s Day.

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2 Responses to “One way my mom is awesome,” or “how you know we’re related”

  1. Tracy Stratton says:

    Your Mom is totally the awesome-est! Glad you were able to enjoy some major quality time together.

  2. Tracy Stratton says:

    BTW……..LOVE the shades!! 🙂

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