Birth of a Glitterbomb, or “I can explain those FB pics”

A few months ago I decided that it was time for me to make some friends in Philadelphia who were not co-workers; it was getting really hard to look some people in the eye on Monday mornings. In an effort to mix more with the locals, I signed up for Ladies Rock Camp, a weekend intensive workshop to learn an instrument, form a band, write an original song, and then play on a stage on Sunday. Ladies Rock Camp is a fund raiser for Girls Rock Philly, a volunteer driven non-profit music/mentoring organization that works with girls 9 – 17 to foster self-respect, leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration through music education. They put on a week long Girls Rock Camp each summer, culminating in playing a live show and recording a CD.

“Intense” is only a start to describing my weekend. Let me start by saying before last weekend, I had never even picked up an electric guitar. And after six hours of learning some basic chords, and not being able to feel the end of my fingers, I don’t really know any more about it. The good part is that no one else in our band really knows their instruments either, so I feel like we’re all in this together. I just keep telling myself that if the Ramones can do it, so can I. If Marianne Faithful and Courtney Love can sing publicly, so can I.

And that is how Thee Glitterbombs were born. Basically, this is the band I always wanted to be in as a teenager. Regardless of my lack of musical ability, I got a taste, of how kick ass jumping around and screaming makes one feel and I hope to get to do more of it.

Thee Glitterbombs

Thee Glitterbombs, from L to R: Rebecca, Poliana, Madeline, Michelle, and Sharon

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