My Life in a Seinfeld Episode

Today I had to write this note:

“Dear Neighbor: This will sound so silly. I accidentally dropped a pair of tights on your window sill. If by some miracle they are still there the next time you use your bathroom, do you mind just grabbing them for me? I bet you don’t hear that everyday. Thank you, Rebecca, 10B.”

Basically, this is all totally true. For reasons to complex to explain here, I accidentally dropped a pair of my tights out the window, and they landed directly on my downstairs neighbor’s window sill. I walked downstairs and knocked on the door and got no answer. I thought, “well, maybe noone is living here now.” So I tried the door, and wallah! It was unlocked.

However when I popped my head in, the apartment was most certainly occupied, and I think someone might have been home. So I quietly shut the door and tried to silence my inner George. I really wanted to get my tights back, I think they were from Anthro. But entering another apartment just seemed like a really bad idea. But George was saying, “Who leaves their door open unless they want you to be able to walk in in case you have to.” I just thought that maybe that argument wouldn’t fly if (when) I was inevitably caught. I mean, how do you tell someone you dropped a pair of tights out your window?

See that purple blob there? Those are my tights on my neighbor’s window sill. <sigh> Lets cross fingers that the note works. 🙂

Tights out the Window

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