Fifi Lapin, Another Style Icon

Picture of Fifi Lapin T-shirt and bag.

Image Copyright Fifi Lapin.

Is it terrible that my other style icon is Fifi Lapin, a fictitious socialite rabbit named “the world’s most stylish bunny,” by Elle Magazine?  The adorable little drawings that Fifi shares on her blog,  evoke my own middle school nostalgia of drawing in class and daydreaming about the life of a jet-setting fashionista.  Today, her drawings are quite inspirational for me as an adult.  High fashion seems far more accessible if it is illustrated on the less-than-svelt body of a rabbit.  (I can seem myself wearing that outfit.)  I get Fifi’s nearly daily updates, and what is most captivating is that she keeps us all in the club of her exclusive shopping (“Oh, just popping over to Tokyo Topshop.”), opening attending, and all about her latest book, “What Shall I Wear Today?  Style Secrets of Furry Fashionista.” Yet, since it is a rabbit’s musings on the fashion world, it all seems somehow less…ego driven.  It helps that in Fifi’s world we are all fabulous and she is just so glad to see us.

Like the little dog outfits at the dry cleaners in Philadelphia, this small, furry mammal is dressed WAY better than me.  Did I mention that she often wears LARGE glasses?

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