Carrie Donovan, a Style Icon

Photograph of Carrie Donovan, Silver Gelatin Print, 1997, Jesse Frohman

Photograph of Carrie Donovan, Silver Gelatin Print, 1997, Photographer: Jesse Frohman

You know who Carrie Donovan is, you just don’t know it.  She was an influential fashion editor for a variety of magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and the New York Times Magazine.  She had an eye for young talent, and had a trademark style of large glasses and impeccable taste in accessories.  I have been dreaming about her for years, and I finally pulled the trigger on buying some outrageously large glasses. Nick says he isn’t totally used to them.  I say he’ll have to figure it out…Darlings, I can’t wait to see you at our next lunch…or happy hour.

Sadly, Donovan died in 2001.  This article in The Observer, “At Mortimer’s With Carrie Donovan, the Old Navy Lady,” seals my admiration. Best advice in the interview:

“That’s all you need in life. A jacket with a high armhole,” she said.  “I drive people crazy with this, but you can’t imagine the importance of a high armhole. The moment the armhole goes, there goes the look,” she laughed.

Well, she also said that one should do the best they can at whatever job they are doing, even if it is getting the coffee.  I suppose that is pretty good advice too.

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