Not to be missed: NYC, the Deleware Shore, and Manayunk

Nick and I getting ready for the beach.

I know its blurry, but I love this picture of Nick and I.

First, I apologize for the late post.  I had a project due at work this week, and it sucked up a lot of my brainpower.  I know, crazy, right?  Work, thinking…it is too much for some people.  And now for a long post to make up for being late.

As much as possible, Nick and I have been taking advantage of Philadelphia’s proximity to fun places along the east coast.  While I am still amazed by the amount of crap we manage to pack for what is essentially a 36-hour trip, I am more amazed by how easy it is to hop on a train and go.  (Or sometimes, you take a bus, or maybe you have to rent a car, or in the case of yesterday, a bike.)

Nick and I in Central ParkNYC is only an hour away on the Acela.  (The Acela is high-speed rail, and is Amtrak’s only profitable line. It is expensive, but I want to ride it just once.)  For mere mortals, public transit is good enough.  Nick and I took a Pennsylvania public transit train out to Trenton, NJ, then took New Jersey Transit to Penn Station in New York.  (Sure it took 2.5 hours, but that was quality time playing cards and reading.)  The megabus runs for a $1 if you make the reservation early enough.

(Can I just tell you, if you get the chance to see something on Broadway, take it.  We saw La Cage Aux Folles, with Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge…it just won three Tony Awards, including Best Revival, and it was FABULOUS and FABULOUSLY AMAZING.  It was also Pride Weekend, maybe this made the show all the more magical.  We had a great time, but fighting the crowds in NYC made me really appreciate how laid back-and less crowded-Philadelphia is.)

Rebecca on Rehoboth Beach with Hat

This hat was irresistable.

Two weekends ago we visited a friend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Its population is 1,500, but swells to 25,000 in summer.  Can I say it was also FABULOUS?  92 degrees is so much more palatable when you are on a wooden boardwalk rather than concrete.  A great hat also helps.  Rehoboth Beach lies about 2.5 hours south of Philadelphia, and we had to drive.  However, the town has a little bus system that includes a loop through downtown, so we were able to stay far from the madding crowd in our friend’s gorgeous house.  The restaurants and bars were merry and gay, and the beach was bustling, but not overly crowded.  This was the first time I swam in the Atlantic Ocean.

Yesterday morning, Nick and I got on our bikes and rode to the northern neighborhood, Manayunk.  I love the name, I just love to say it.  It is about 7 miles north along the Schuylkill River.  (The Schuylkill has paved pathways the run for, like, ever.  The path is always full of runners, walkers, roller bladers, bikers…we even biked through some sort of relay race.)  Manayunk was at one time its own town, but was annexed to the City of Philadelphia in 1854.  It is known as a party town, we even saw a vintage sign that read, “Manayunk, where we go to drink.”  But the antique and furniture stores evoke more Traverse City.  We went up for brunch and a look-see, and then headed up home.  A Saturday morning bike ride, brunch, and a relaxing afternoon…that is what I call living.

I am adding a few vacation photos, because I like them, and maybe you will too.

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