I have to carry my camera everyday.

Ad for Chubby Checker ConcertEveryday something crazy happens in Philadelphia.  Today, Chubby Checker had a concert on the corner next to City Hall.  Seriously, when I came home and told my husband he said, “I didn’t know Chubby Checker was still alive.”  Not only is he alive, but he is hawking beef jerky, chocolate, and steaks.  They are called “Chubby’s Snacks,” and they get delivered in “The Checkerlicious Express.”  I am not making this up.  You can buy Chubby Snacks at Chubby Checker’s website.  I saw the Checkerlicious Express for real with my own eyes.

I run across all sorts of interesting people and things that I wish I had a camera for:

  • Multiple brides and one proposal in front of the Love sign at Love Park.
  • There is a really cute kid who busks all over town, playing violin.  I’ve seen him in Rittenhouse Square and in the subway stations  (I hope to get an interview with him before we leave.)
  • There is always a well-dressed evangelist on my way to work, who is a lot more charismatic than any evangelist I have seen in Ann Arbor.
  • The PECO sign saying that the temperature was 103.
  • The dog walking, hippie-geek-punk-yoga-yuppie-hipster-twink-sailor-freak-oldster-youngster-ritchies-homeless-guy-gal, crowd that we see everyday in the park.
  • The guy who wears a parrot as an accessory.
  • Two crazy thunderstorms from the windows of our apartment.  (You couldn’t see the building on the next block!)
  • I guess a lot of other stuff I see everyday that I forgot about because I didn’t take a picture of it.

Oh wait…

View of a rain storm from our apartment.

I know its not the best picture, but it was also really that misty!

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