I love “Rocky”

The crowd on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The crowd on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art waiting to watch Rocky. Photo by Mr. Banks, a fellow intern in the Office of the Representative."

And I am not just saying that because last week Nick, I, and some friends watched Rocky whilst sitting on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  (How meta.)  I really had NO IDEA how good that movie is, I had no idea Rocky won the 1977 Oscar for Best Picture.  Did I mention we got free hoagies just for showing up?  Seriously, before the movie, there was a mile long hoagie running down the street!  I love this town!

The whole thing is part of a ten-day Fourth of July Spectacular, with evenings that remind me a lot of Top of the Park.  (I am seriously bummed about missing Top this year, I was considering coming home for the 4th of July weekend just to see MST3K).  Wawa, a chain of convenience stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, is sponsoring the whole festival called (now say it with a straight face) “Wawa Welcomes America.”  I CANNOT say “Wawa Welcomes America” without saying, “Wawa Welcomes Amerwica.”  (Just say the word “Amerwica” out loud and you will smile, I guarantee it.)  Activities all over town included a block party in Chinatown, all-you-can eat ice cream at Penn’s Landing, a free Tchaikovsky concert, and of course, lots of fireworks and funnel cake.

Nick & Rebecca

Nick and I at the Fireworks. We have a new camera, it takes nice photos. Too nice. In the full-size original of this photo you can see my pores. Time for a skin care regimen change?

Last night we were treated to a free concert by Philadelphia natives The Roots, and headlined by The Goo Goo Dolls.  (Seriously, The Goo Goo Dolls encored with Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” which was the best part of their set…The Roots are so much better.)  The crowd was literally a mile long.  Every 500 feet or so, large TV screens of the stage were set up, each had its own crowd of people watching.  AND THEN the fireworks.  Not the same as Detroit’s Freedom Fest, but still very fun.

Here is a little slide show of what we saw this past weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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