The Creaky Elevator

We just got back from a weekend trip to New York City, which I am dying to write about, but until I get the pictures in order this little entry will have to do.

This is a little recording of the elevator in our building.  From the first day I rode in it, I have wanted to record it.

This is best listened to on headphones.  The recording starts while Nick and I are in the hallway waiting for the elevator to get to our floor.  All that clanging?  Each one is a little announcement telling you that the elevator is getting closer.  You’ll hear the “ding” of the door opening.  Once we are inside, we make no noise and do not move.  All of the noises you are hearing are the creaks, bangs, and clangs that our elevator makes on a regular basis.  It is sort of better in person.  I especially love the “wind-down” whistle at the end.  You also hear the voice of one of our doormen as we leave the building and head outside.

Maybe it is just my wacky sense of humor, but I love the noises in this elevator.  Maybe finding the noises funny is a defense mechanism, since I am sure that certain death awaits me every time I ride in it.  I have discussed strategies of what to do if the cable ever snapped and I found myself inside of it.  My current strategy is to jump up on impact.  (You know, so that your body does not absorb the energy of the impact.  Thats sciency if I ever heard it.)  Nick says it would be really hard to time it…so maybe we should just jump all the time just in case?


Creaky Elevator

(For now, this link should automatically take you to a little player if you have an mp3 plug-in like QuickTime.  If the link doesn’t play for you, try installing QuickTime.  Just click “Free Download” at this link: In the future I hope to make this a little easier.)

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3 Responses to The Creaky Elevator

  1. Lucas says:

    Hi Rebecca! I am enjoying your blog!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Gotta love old buildings with antique equipment! :o) Hope you’re still giggling every time you get in the elevator.

  3. Tom says:

    Okay, bye now, have a nice day!

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