I work here.

I am pretty excited to share these pictures I took of City Hall.  If you ever get a chance to visit, this building is the tallest free-standing masonry building in the world.  It is really neat to get to work in it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update:  The installation at the end of the slide show is called “Surprise Party,” and it was created by sculpture Darla Jackson.  And I was too hasty in creating my captions, the animal second from the end is a fawn.  🙂

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3 Responses to I work here.

  1. Shannon Beeman says:

    I am extremely jealous! Working in beautiful spaces can be very inspiring.

  2. Angela says:

    My desire to move is now increasing exponentially. I’m so glad you’re having a good time.

  3. Donna Kriss says:

    Becky…you have so surpassed what you said you would do when you were a little girl. You continue to astound and amaze me. YOU did it all girl, and continue to do so. You are loved.

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