Always wear your bike helmet…

Just a few weeks ago, my friend Carrie Hensel gave me a talking to for not wearing my bike helmet.  The way she saw it, not wanting to mess up your new salon hairdo was an insufficient reason to not wear your helmet.  I knew she was right.  After all, my Aunt, an avid cyclist, had been in a number of bike accidents, one very serious involving an oncoming car. She swore that her helmet was the thing between her and death.

And am I glad I was wearing it today.

Ann Arbor is very hilly.  Which can be good and bad, depending on what side of the hill you are on, and whether or not your breaks work.  Heading downhill on Dexter Rd coming into Ann Arbor, my bike popped its chain.  Normally this would mean a sucky walk home.  However, my bike is a one-speed with coaster breaks, so a popped chain means no breaks.  And I was heading right for a busy intersection picking up speed quickly.  And, it was raining heavily.

I was desperately looking for some sort of open space, or anything…when I turned into the gas station at Dexter and Jackson Rd.  I was heading straight toward the station’s raised flower beds at top speed and all I could do was envision myself going right over the bars of my bike at impact and flying into concrete.  Instead, I turned my wheel and skidded about ten feet along the asphalt.  I hit my head very hard on the ground.  Thankfully, I was wearing my helmet, and my head feels great!  I wish I could say the same for my hip, ankle, and elbow, all of which are bruised and swollen.  My hip is very, very bruised. I would consider posting a picture, but I think you all have seen bad bruises, and you probably don’t need to see my butt.

So although its going to hurt in the morning, and I anticipate having a hard time walking, I can say that I am alive with no broken bones (that I know of).  I am willing to bet this is going to make our 10-hour car trip to Philadelphia a lot more memorable.  🙂  Take it from me, always wear your helmet, and tell your friends to wear their helmets too!

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2 Responses to Always wear your bike helmet…

  1. Tracy says:

    Glad you are ok, Becky!!! That sounds like it was scary!

  2. Don Kriss says:

    I can relate. Get well soon! Remember to replace the helmet.

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