Why Cities?

Woodward entrance of the Detroit Institute of ArtsI recently attended the WXW Forum 10, a women’s business-leaders love-fest that featured professional development workshops, an expert panel, and really great networking.  Last year I learned time management techniques that changed my life, and this year’s workshops were just as amazing.  I participated in a workshop called, “What’s Your Story?  Using Your Stories to Influence and Connect,” hosted by Beth Stoner, Delta Possibilities, LLC & Lorri Johnson, Monarch Consulting Group, LLC.  I am hoping that the techniques I learned in this workshop will help me tell all of you, dear readers, engaging stories about my summer.

I found an interesting thing happened to me while I was going through the exercises of the workshop: I think I realized why I love cities.  We were asked to turn to the person next to us and tell a story about our past, perhaps about a place we enjoyed visiting as a child.  We had two minutes, so you had to think fast!  Off the top of my head, I remembered how much I love the Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I told a perfect stranger about how my mom would take me to the DIA for an afternoon of wandering, how we ate lunch in the Kresge Court Café (when the café was still located there), and how visiting such a magnificent building on Woodward Avenue instilled a sense of wonder and awe about cities themselves.

I might be dating myself, but I started to connect the dots: concerts at Orchestra Hall (before it was The Max), Sunday drives to the Belle Isle Aquarium, and loose meat burgers at Lafayette Coney Island.  I believe the result of all these positive metropolitan experiences is a fascination with cities, and a love for Detroit.

So, thanks, Mom!  It is not an accident that as an adult I choose to work to improve cities.  Moreover, life has come full circle given that I will be working in economic development and the arts this summer.

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One Response to Why Cities?

  1. jamiefavreau says:

    I have discovered more of Detroit in the past year than I had in all the time I have been working down there. I know quite a few people who won’t even go downtown and they hate everything about it due to the government and everything else. Detroit I think is an undiscovered gem. You can really appreciate it when you are actually discovering things about it. If I move I know I am going to miss it and it isn’t just my passion for the sports teams but the entire culture.

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